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Online PHP AND MYSQL PROGRAMMING Courses in Pakistan on Regular Basis

PHP AND MYSQL PROGRAMMING Training & Certification

We offer PHP MySQL Online Classes
MySQL and PHP are two of the most popular open source technologies to emerge during the past decade. PHP is a powerful language for writing server-side Web applications. MySQL is the world's most popular open source database. Together, these two technologies provide you with a powerful platform for building database-driven Web applications.

Course Contents

  • Introduction to the PHP
  • Rapid Development using Adobe Dreamweaver
  • HTML Conversion into PHP filesPage Styles and Layout with CSS Structure
  • Adding Interactivity with JavaScript
  • Fundamentals of Web Application
  • Installing & Configuring Web Server
  • PHP Variables, Conditional and Loops
  • Arrays, Strings & Regular Expressions
  • Session & Application Management
  • Object Oriented Programming in PHP
  • Date, Time & File Manipulation
  • Installing & Configuring MySQL
  • Database Designing using MySQL
  • Standard Query Language (SQL)
  • Database Programming in PHP
  • Sending E-mails from Code
  • Implementing Security in Web Applications
  • Design Patterns & Best Practices
  • Developing & Consuming Web Services
  • Creating Rich Web Interface using AJAX
  • Web Deployment to Commercial Web Servers
  • Maintaining & Optimizing Web Applications

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