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Professionals having relevant work experience and knowledge in a company or organization or some where else in private or public capacity, where in he or she does not have any opportunity to avail in campus formal education, can now translate his/her experiences into professional certification in the form of 1 or 2 year professional, competency based diploma, which enable the diploma holder in:

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  • We Offer Law & Judiciary Diploma on Experienced Based

    Law & Judiciary Diploma

    International Trade Law

    Taxation Law

    Labour Law

    Intellectual Property Law

    Environmental Law

    Banking Laws

    Marriage, Family and Family Laws

    Banking Finance Law

    Commercial and Corporate Law

    Common Law

    Comparative and Foreign Law

    Competition Law

    Computer and Communication Law

    Corporate and Securities Law

    Criminology and Criminal Justice

    Economic Regulation

    Environmental and Natural Resources Law

    Comparative and International Dispute Resolution

    Trade Mark Law and Practice

    Intellectual Property Law

    Media Law

    Public Law

    Tax Law

    Public International Law

    Legal Theory and History

    Law and Development

    International Business Law

    Human Rights Law

    European Law

    Economic Regulations

    Equality and Trust

    Family Law

    Insurance Law

    International Dispute Resolution

    Maritime Law

    Medicine Law

    Procedural Law

    Mercantile Law

    International Immigration Law

    Income and Sages Tax Law

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