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National Institute of Modern Languages & Sciences (NIMLS)

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Online Computer Diploma Courses in Pakistan on Regular Basis

IT Power Base Training & Certification

Course Contents list of Duration 2 Months
ITPB provides strong foundation to students in the computer world. ITPB is very important and timely addition in NIMLSs courses family. This course provides basic knowledge of computer fundamentals including operating system. In addition to this, it also enables the students to perform most of the home/ office tasks by using Ms. Word, Ms. Excel and Ms. Power Point. Accordingly, keeping in mind the increasing usage on social utilities, this course has been specifically designed to completely equip the students to do most of the home / office tasks and at the same time do effective social networking (sharing your data, messages, pictures, videos etc.) with friends, family & others through most popular social utilities e.g. Face book, Twitter, You tube, OLX, etc. Additionally, students would also be able to do web browsing and do their research work using various search engines like Google, bing etc.

In this Course, youll learn how to accomplish several tasks:

  • Understand the basic I/O operations and learn to install windows/software
  • Understand and use MS word, MS Excel and MS Power point for office purposes.
  • Learn how to do efficient internet surfing for various purposes.
  • Set-up email accounts and learn various techniques to use them effectively
  • Advance their skills for working effectively in teams and boost their confidence for public communication and presentations

Introductions to Computers

  • Brief History of Computers
  • Introduction to basic parts of computers and its accessories
  • Introducing basic terms and concepts used to describe the specific nature of a computer
  • Diversity of computers available in terms of brands, capacity, function etc.
  • Concept of software and its diversity

English Typing

  • Basic Concepts
  • Sitting Position
  • Keys Familiarity
  • Paragraph Session
  • Speed Tests
  • Numeric Pad Speed
  • Final Speed Tests

Microsoft Word 2007,2010

  • Creating Word Document
  • Using different types of fonts and colors
  • Formatting
  • Editing and Review
  • Mail Merging,
  • Page Layouts
  • Printing Preferences,
  • Table Utilities, Hyperlinks, label & Envelope Editing,
  • Inserting Clip art & Word Art, pictures
  • References
  • Using pre-defined templates

Microsoft Excel 2007,2010

  • A first look at Excel 2007
  • Rows & Columns, Text & numbers in a Cell
  • Editing in a Cell
  • Centre text & numbers
  • Formatting
  • Working with Excel sheet
  • Manipulating data through formulas and functions.
  • Applying data fitters
  • Creating Graphs and Charts
  • Organizing data
  • Creating different types of charts. Graphs
  • Editing the graphs and charts
  • Working with Multiple Worksheets
  • Importing Excel Sheets into Word and Power point
  • Using pre-defined templates
  • Printing
  • Printing different types of excel sheets

Microsoft PowerPoint 2007,2010

  • Introduction to power point and its tools and options
  • Creating simple presentations and reviewing, editing and formatting them using proper options
  • Working with objects, videos and images
  • Working with smart art and Clip art
  • Working with charting
  • Hyper linking
  • Applying and customizing Animation
  • Printing
  • Using pre-defined templates

Internet & Online Education

  • Introduction World Wide Web
  • Introduction and use of various search engines
  • Techniques for effective and efficient Google search
  • Introduction to social media and its web based tools such as Face book, twiter, LinkdIn etc.
  • Ethics of participating in social media at web
  • Creating email accounts
  • Using various options for effective emailing and follow-ups
  • Ethics of emailing

RES is offered to matriculate / Intermediate students who wanted to complete their course of choice on Assignment System (AS) either at their own convenience, schedule and pace.

Skill Development Education Council Punjab Issued the Certificates and Diplomas

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