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Professionals having relevant work experience and knowledge in a company or organization or some where else in private or public capacity, where in he or she does not have any opportunity to avail in campus formal education, can now translate his/her experiences into professional certification in the form of 1 or 2 year professional, competency based diploma, which enable the diploma holder in:

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  • Engineering Diplomas


    Electrical Engineering

    Electronics Engineering

    Mechanical Engineering

    Industrial and ManufacturingEngineering

    industrial instrumentation

    Civil Engineering

    Chemical Engineering

    Metallurgical Engineering

    Petroleum & Gas Engineering

    Mining Engineering


    City & Regional Planning

    Computer Science

    Computer Engineering

    Mechatronics and Control Engineering

    Building & Architectural Engineering


    Transportation Engineering

    Geological Engineering

    Polymer Engineering

    Product & Industrial Design

    Power Engineering

    Thermal Power Engineering

    Mechanical Design Engineering

    Production Engineering

    Hydraulics & Irrigation Engineering

    Soil Mechanics & Geo-Technical Engineering

    Structural Engineering

    Environmental Engineering

    Water Recourses Engineering


    Water Management

    Chemical Engineering

    Metallurgical Engineering

    Telecommunication Engineering


    Engineering Management

    Mechatronics Engineering

    Building Engineering

    Integrated Building Design

    Polymer & Process Engineering

    Geological Engineering

    Built Environment

    Industrial Engineering

    Health Safety Engineering Environment

    Fuel Engineering and Energy Technology

    Foundry Technology

    Metallurgy & Material Engineering

    Polymer Engineering and Technology

    Environmental Sciences

    Petroleum Exploration

    Computational Physics

    High Energy Physics

    Solid State Physics

    Mountain Conversation and Watershed Management

    Space Sciences

    Microelectronics Engineering and Semiconductor Physics

    Corrosion Engineering

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