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Diploma Homeophathic Medical Science (DHMS)
Diploma Homeophathic Medical Science (DHMS) Getting admission in a four years diploma program

Homoeopathic Colleges in Pakistan aims to offer course that develops homoeopaths who possess knowledge and skills to enable them to practice with confidence and competence for the well being of their patient. One can start a career in Pakistan as a homeopath fulfilling the following steps:

Getting admission in a four years diploma program called DHMS.

After successful completion of DHMS, Six months apprenticeship with a qualified homeopath To get yourself registered with NCH as homoeopathic medical Practitioner.

Government of Pakistan has dully acknowledged the homoeopathic Medical. NCH i.e. National Council for Homeopathy manages the examination, teaching and grant of diploma in homeopathy. The enrolments of the aspirant are also done by NCH. Ministry of Health is accountable for policy making regarding homeopathy medical education and related issues. Issues like homoeopathic practice, conducting examinations, approval of fresh or new homoeopathic institute or colleges and registering the practitioners are the responsibilities of Health department.

Selection Criteria:

The DHMS (Diploma in homoeopathic Medical Science) program requires basic knowledge on science and is open to all serious students, with Matric science background. However, Preference will be given to students having intermediate or higher qualification with science. These students will be exempted from any of the Pre-medical courses of study. This four years DHMS course covers all facets of homoeopathy as propounded by its founder, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.

The students of F.Sc (Pre-medical) are exempted from Physics, Chemistry and biology subjects. However, other students of DHMS have to appear in two additional subjects before qualifying for DHMS certification. i.e.
Physics + Chemistry
Students are normally enrolled in the month of July each year. However, the admission policy varies from college to college, whereas the general selection criteria are almost same as above. Please contact your local Homoeopathic College for specific information regarding the admission procedure and academic requirements. These courses are offered by private and public homoeopathic colleges in Pakistan.

Graduate Course BHMS

Student who qualify from homoeopathic Medical College may apply for Graduate Course BHMS (Graded or Classified), in recognized universities of Pakistan where BHMS campus are available. All courses are strictly monitored and absolutely controlled by the Academic staff of Universities. The universities have a strong innovative curriculum based on the teaching of Classical Homeopathy that honors the studies of homoeopathic subjects such as homoeopathic Philosophy, Materia Medica, homoeopathic Pharmacy, Organon of Medicine, etc.


Following are the course outline, which is being taught at Homoeopathic Medical Colleges in Pakistan.

First Year DHMS

1. Homoeopathic Philosophy (Part I)
2. Pharmacy Theory
3. Pharmacy Practical
4. Materia Medica (including their use in acute prescribing as well as the larger Polychrest repertory work and how to find the appropriate remedy)
5. Anatomy Theory
6. Anatomy Practical & Viva

The First Year continues with in-depth studies, ensuring of having sufficient opportunities to take studies at broader level.

Second Year DHMS

1. Homoeopathic Philosophy (Part II)
2. Hygiene and Public Health
3. Materia Medica
4. Materia Medica Viva Voce
5. Physiology Theory
6. Physiology Practical

During 2nd Year, student must develop skill and knowledge of homoeopathic materia medica, in depth study of homoeopathic philosophy including the study of the miasms, remedy reactions. Student must gather info about progress and prognosis and obstacles to cure continue to study the repertory and develop case management skills. In practical student should be given appropriate training about physical examination of the patient. Further study of the polycrests, nosodes and other approaches to patient care, computers in homoeopathy, case work and analysis, safety in practice, business practice skills, methods of research, literature review and case presentation.

Third Year DHMS

1. Homoeopathic Philosophy (Part III)
2. Gynaecology and Obstetrics
3. Materia Medica
4. Materia Medica Viva Voce
5. Pathology (Microbiology, Systemic diseases & Symptomatology)
6. Pathology Practical & Viva
7. Psychology

In this year, attention of the student should be positively be diverted in the involvement of College Hospital, observing practitioners taking cases, repertorising and analyzing the presenting symptoms of patient, finding the most suitable remedy and discussing the case in detail.

Final Year DHMS

1. Materia Medica (Comparative study)
2. Materia Medica Viva Voce
3. Case Taking & Repertorisation (Theory & Viva)
4. Forensic Medicine
5. Minor surgery
6. Homoeopathic Philosophy (Part IV)

This year students will continue with in-depth studies, clinical practice and ensuring that of having sufficient opportunities to take studies at broader level. In addition to this student must be given projects of health studies, undertake clinical appraisal of cases covered, be involved in group tutorials as support for on-going clinical work, attend lectures and seminars in topics related to homoeopathy.

Helping Books for DHMS Students

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